The great majority of funding is applied to projects and groups within Essex: either directly or through National Charities for specific Essex-based projects. Each application is considered by the Trustees collectively, and if approved, an appropriate donation is determined.

The Grants Administrator may arrange to visit potential recipients before or after any grant in order to establish any anticipated benefit, or to monitor its outcome.

Grants will not, ordinarily, be repeated for or spread over more than three years.

Grants are considered under the following headings:

  • Arts
  • Churches
  • Community
  • Medical / Health
  • Miscellaneous
  • Youth

The Trust does not fund:

  • Individuals directly
  • Animal charities
  • Political activities
  • Commercial ventures

Direct replacement of statutory funding or activities that are primarily the responsibility of local or central government are not considered to be qualifying areas for awards by the Trustees. The Trust provides grants to institutions which are in the main UK based charities, and whose objectives comply with the Trust’s criteria. It is noted that the recipients themselves are thus regulated to ensure they operate for the public benefit.

The allocation of grants between the category headings varies from year to year. The Trustees have referred to the guidance by the Charity Commission on public benefit when reviewing the aims and objectives of the Trust, and setting the grant making policy annually.