There is no formal Application Form, as the Trustees acknowledge every request to be unique.

If you wish to apply, please use the bullet points below for guidance as to the information required for assessment and possible consideration by the Trustees.

  • A brief description of the organisation involved, including staff / volunteer numbers.
  • An outline of the project / or the needs identified (including core funding, if required)
  • An outline of the total costing of the project, with an indication of size of grant applied for. Average grant awarded £2-3,000.
  • A copy of your latest accounts, including a current summary of your fundraising.
  • An indication of any wider community use and an indication of those who might benefit from being involved with the project.
  • If your application is successful, the Trustees would expect a brief evaluation report to follow within 12 months, giving an indication of the benefit derived from the grant.
  • Please confirm if you have a bank account in the name of the charity, with the correct Payee name. If not, please tell us how the funds are managed, and by whom.
  • Please confirm whether 2 or more signatories are needed when paying out cheques; and if not, what expenditure controls are in place.
  • we will need contact details for our records.


Please do call or email if you require further guidance. I am in the office 2 days / week, and will respond to any message when next in the office.


Alix Mason

3rd Floor, Marlborough House
Victoria Road South
Essex   CM1 1LN

01245 809899